Kokku loodud

Uued Tartu Milli Itaalias valmistatud pastakastmed ja uues kuues pastad on kokku loodud!

Flakes Kalew Kama Dry mixes Pasta


Tartu Mill whole grain flakes are produced from real and quality raw materials, with the aim of making the food table of Estonians healthier. These are not merely breakfast porridges, but provide a truly filling and healthy stomach full. You can feel strength and power in the Tartu Mill flakes.


Tartu Mill Kalew flours and oils are produced from the best local raw materials here in Estonia. The Kalew flours are especially ideally suited for doughs of baked goods, thanks to their high adhesive protein content. The Kalew oils can be used for frying, as well as for preparing salads.


Tartu Mill kama is a domestic super food (special Estonian dry mixture) that contains a lot of fibre and vitamins. Kama and rye kama are ideal as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snack, for a person that cares about a healthy lifestyle.

Dry mixtures

Tartu Mill dry mixtures make baking super easy, as the foods are ready quickly and do not require complicated preparation. The selection includes mixtures for preparing savoury as well as sweet dishes.


Tartu Mill pastas are made from high quality durum wheat, which keeps the pasta from sticking, while at the same time preserving its taste and shape. It must only be remembered that true pasta is always al dente!

Estonian mill since 1885

Tartu Mill is an Estonian company operating in Tartu that produces and imports flour and other flour products. Tartu Mill was founded in 2000. Tartu Mill belongs to the Estonian capital – owned by Tiigi Keskus and run by Uuno Lausing, the long-term manager of Tartu Mill, and Romet Puhk, a member of the supervisory board.

The company has stood out as a sponsor of sports events, such as the Tartu Mill Triatinglon, a city triathlon competition that has been taking place since 2012.